Registration is now open! 

If you are interested to participate in this course, please complete the registration form below. 

The registration deadline is 23 August 2023. Applications are evaluated by the academic committee and the programme coordinators. All applicants will be notified about the results of selection before 31st of  August 2023. 

In case your application is accepted, you will receive further practical information on payment. Note that your registration is only complete when the registration fee is received on the university's bank account. 

Eligibility criteria

Only applications that meet the minimum criteria will be considered: 

  • Basic knowledge of and keen interest in infectious diseases and vaccines
  • Studying or working in Europe
  • Medical student (5th or 6th year) or (para-)medical professionals 

In addition, we appreciate highly motivated candidates. It is therefore important to elaborate on your specific interest in this course in the registration form. 

Please note that we strive to have a mixed group of students and professionals, from different European countries. A maximum of 30 highly motivated candidates will be selected.