Workshop SenseMaker with Kristof Rubens - June 4, 2021

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How can we listen to the large silent majority in research?

Often when collecting experiences and stories from people of interest, our methods only allow us to tap in to the experiences of very few participants. This holds us back from collecting large-scale experiential stories, both for one-off and continuous research projects. Sensemaker, a monitoring analysis methodology, introduces large-scale listening and continuous journaling techniques that can help us in obtaining more representative experiences from a large number of target audience members. Kristof Rubens from the Environment Department of the Flemish Government already has some experience with Sensemaker, and held an explanatory workshop for anyone in the Faculty of Social Sciences interested in learning more about these data collection and analysis techniques.

You can read more about SenseMaker in Dutch here: Or in English here:  

Additional Materials

Here is the presentation Kristof Rubens shared in the workshop: 

The questions from the Q&A:

More literature provided by Kristof Rubens on the topic of Sensemaker and Sensemaking can be viewed here:

ACHC symposium Entertainment Media & Gezondheid [Dutch] - June 10, 2021

The Amsterdam Center for Health Communication (ACHC) organized its 11th symposium on Thursday afternoon, June 10, 2021. This time the theme is “Entertainment media and health” and the symposium is led by Monique Alblas and Gert-Jan de Bruijn. 

Some of our FOOMS members also presented their research:

  • ​Prof. Dr. Charlotte De Backer will present her research into the impact of food media on our behavior and identity
  • Dra. Isabelle Cuykx will discuss the correlations between gratifications obtained through food content and the media via which people use or encounter food content.
  • Dra. Paulien Decorte will talk about how young adults navigate food and food media during COVID-19
  • Dra. Lauranna Teunissen will present a content analysis about what and how food influencers communicate on Instagram
  • Dra. Amber Peeters will discuss her study that investigates whether the stereotype "real men eat meat" is true, by looking at gender differences between men and women and gender differences within these groups.