In november 2016 the second phase of GIStorical Antwerp started. In the following years the following tasks will be conducted:

1. The geographical reach of GIStorical Antwerp will be extended with the suburban area. 

2. For eight periods in time - starting 1584 - a high resolution social map is created. 

3. For each of the eight sample periods advanced, social indicators (ownership, wealth, profession, inhabitants, family composition) are processed in a relational database. 

4. The topographic authority will be extended. This is a dataset geo-locating and integrating consecutive systems of street names, house numbers and cadastral numbers. 

5. Additional geo data will be incorporated. These are pre-existing social datasets: probate inventories 16th-19th century, foreigners' files, newspapers 1891-1920 and environmental permits. 


Read more about GIStorical Antwerp II in this presentation (19/09/2016).