1835 Base Map

The 1835 Base Map layer is based on the oldest reliable cartographic property registration in Belgium, the land register ('Modern Cadaster'). The construction of the land register was initiated during the French Empire (1804-1814/1815) aiming to create an effective and fair basis to impose land tax on. After the French had left, the Dutch government continued this grand project. Taking almost twenty years to finish the surveying, it was the young Belgian state which in 1835 could effectuate the uniform national inventory of property on plot level.

The GIStorical Antwerp project has georeferenced (placing the maps in a coordinate system) and vectorised (a digital redrawing of the parcels in GIS-software) all 71 maps that the Land Registry ('Modern Cadaster') made for the city center of Antwerp. In this way one map layer containing over 10.000 plots, the 1834 Base Map, was created. Subsequently all information from the original 1835 property registers, containing information on ownership, use and value of the property, could be linked to these plots.

As a first result of GIStorical Antwerp project, the 1835 Base Map is now made accessible in the webviewer, which has been created with the help of the Fryske Akademy. In the course of the project additional topographic layers and  datasets will be added to the webviewer. Click on the link on the right side of this page or click the tabfile 'To the interactive map' above this page and explore Antwerp in the year 1835.