What does Global Minds implicate for the university?

Global Minds enables the University of Antwerp to deepen and expand its owndevelopment-relevant expertise and to embed this expertise both nationally and internationally. The University of Antwerp has opted to focus its efforts on three intermediate results in the Global Minds programme: education, research and raising awareness.

The focus of the programme will lie on a number of strategic themes identified by both the Belgian Development Cooperation and the university’s own policy on development cooperation. Global Minds will run from 2017 until 2021.

Which countries are eligible for Global Minds?

The programme focuses on the 32 countries from the VLIR-UOS partner country list:

  • Africa: Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, DR Congo, Ethiopia, Guinea, Cameroon, Kenya, Madagascar, Morocco, Mozambique, Niger, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe, South Africa
  • Asia: Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, Palestinian Territories, Vietnam
  • Latin America: Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Haiti, Nicaragua, Peru, Suriname

Who manages and monitors Global Minds?

Within the University of Antwerp, the Global Mind's 'Development Cooperation Working Group' is responsible for monitoring and updating the programme. This working group is chaired by Professor Johan Bastiaensen (IOB) and is composed of:

Where does the money for Global Minds come from?  

The Flemish Interuniversity Council for Development Cooperation (VLIR-UOS) manages the federal funds for university development cooperation. 

The funds for Global Minds are assigned across all Flemish universities through a distribution key. Each university administers these resources according to its own policy plan

History of Global Minds?

In 2016, our government decided to carry out a drastic adjustment of university development policy through the Flemish Interuniversity Council for University Development Cooperation (VLIR-UOS).

A part of the competitive interuniversity calls for financing development-relevant education (including the previous international congresses – ‘INCO’s’), research (including the former research grants 'ICP PhD' and 'VLADOC') and awareness raising (including the the former travel grants 'REI') were replaced and partially integrated in Global Minds (GM).