For the research part of Global Minds, the University of Antwerp focuses primarily on the integration of a development dimension in research. The following activities are (co-)funded with Global Minds:

PhD grants for fieldwork in the South

Global Minds only (co-)finances doctorates with a development dimension. The research fieldwork must take place in a VLIR-UOS partner country.

Within the DOCPRO PhD call, 3 (DOCPRO3) to 4 years (DOCPRO4) can be funded with Global Minds. The Research Board will decide on the grant allocation. This call is closed.

Sandwich Grants can be funded with Global Minds for 2 years. These grants are open to researchers from the South, from a VLIR-UOS partner country. This call is closed.

Small Research Projects (GM SRP) with a development dimension

Small Research Projects (GM SRP) are research grants of maximum €10.000 for development-relevant research. These grants are meant as ‘seed money’, to cover operational costs and stimulate starting (new or existing) research. Small Projects must have a multiplier effect and are intended for BAP, OP or ZAP appointed at the University of Antwerp.

Only applications for collaboration with partners from VLIR-UOS partner countries are eligible for funding: Bolivia, Burundi, Cambodia, Cuba, DR Congo, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Kenya, Morocco, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Peru, Philippines, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and Vietnam.

The guidelines and application form for funding for a GM SRP in collaboration with the South are available on PINTRA (intranet). The application must be submitted by a promotor (University of Antwerp academic). This call is closed.

Scientific conferences with a development-relevant theme

A conference with development-relevant theme, organised by an academic from the University of Antwerp, can receive additional Global Minds funding of €2.000: the subsidy can be increased to € 2.000 for one day and to € 4.000 for a multi-day scientific conference.

This call is open all year round and is submitted by a promoter (University of Antwerp academic).

The guidelines and the application form for funding application for a scientific conference with the South are available on PINTRA (intranet).

Research into the impact of Global Minds

Global Minds finances two research projects on the impact of the Global Minds programme: