We launch the call for contributions for Conjonctures de l’Afrique centrale 2019. This year the editing team consists of Sara Geenen (CREAC), Aymar Nyenyezi (UCL) and Sahawal Alidou (IOB).

Abstracts and deadline

Abstracts of maximum 400 words (in French or English) can be sent to before 1 May 2019. Abstracts should briefly present the article’s key arguments, as well as their relevance in relation to contemporary evolutions in Central Africa. In case the argument of the article is based on empirical research, the abstract also outlines the key features of the research methodology.


The editing committee will reply to the authors by 15 May 2019. The authors of selected abstracts are expected to send in their full article by 15 July 2019. Each article will be evaluated by two anonymous external reviewers. In case the article is selected for publication, the final version – conforming to the style requirements of the editor – will have to be finalised by 15 November 2019. The final text has to be written in French or English, with a summary abstract in both languages. The edition Conjonctures de l’Afrique centrale 2019 will appear in April 2020.

Additional information for African scholars

Conjonctures de l’Afrique centrale offers research scholarships (1500 – 2000 euro) to researchers of Congolese, Burundese, Rwandese or Ugandese origin, based in Africa. These modest scholarships allow promising scholars to engage in in-depth field research, culminating in an article for Conjonctures de l’Afrique centrale. Candidates can send in a file with the following information to before 1 May 2019:

  • An abstract of their contribution of maximum 400 words
  • The methodological approach of their research of maximum 800 words
  • A detailed CV of maximum 2 pages with their study profile, results, other relevant experiences, publications, other relevant information