Historical manuscripts

The University of Antwerp Library possesses a small amount of historical manuscripts, the oldest of which is a manuscript of classical texts from fifteenth-century Italy (MAG-P 60.5). Among the other objects we find, for instance, the Nederlandsche oorloghen by Famiano Strada from the seventeenth century (MAG-P 60.2) and the Rechten ende costuijmen der stadt van Antwerpen by Antonius Anselmo from 1676 (MAG-P 63.3).

Modern manuscripts

The University of Antwerp Library also holds an interesting collection of letters, manuscripts and typoscripts by Louis Paul Boon and Gerard Walschap. More information on these two Flemish authors can be found via the Louis Paul Boon-documentatiecentrum and the Gerard Walschap Genootschap, both linked to the Instituut voor de Studie van de Letterkunde in de Nederlanden (ISLN).