The Special Collections house a valuable collection of research materials relating to a broad spectrum of research fields (cf. bibliography) . The list below offers an overview of mainly philological and historical research topics that can be the subject of a bachelor or master thesis as well as a research internship.

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  1. Student annotations in two eighteenth century editions of Simon Verepaeus’ Latinae grammatices syntaxis (MAG-P 12.243 en MAG-P 11.591).
  2. Latin in twelfth grade in Douai. Student annotations in Auctores classis rhetoricae in collegiis Societatis Jesu provinciae Gallo-Belgicae anno 1634 (MAG-P 12.137).
  3. Odes from Leuven and other places from the eighteenth and nineteenth century. A study of the laudationes in a volume MAG-P. 13.959.
  4. Probo ac ingenuo adolescenti… Odes in the collection of prize books of the Latin school. 
  5. Manuscript of the statutes of the St Bavo’s church in Ghent (MAG-P 62.5).
  6. Annotations in a Sammelband of Greek letters of Ignatius of Antioch (MAG-P 12.274).


  1. Paul Suffren S.J., Rhetorica sacra et humana in triplici dicendi genere (Lyon, 1650). Study of an unpublished rhetoric syllabus in Latin (MAG-P 62.7).
  2. François De Stempels, Exercice sur l'art du raisonnement pour l'invention oratoire, qui se fera au Collège d'Anchin, de la Compagnie de Jesus (Douai, 1758). Study of an unpublished rhetoric syllabus in French (MAG-P 61.3)
  3. De Dissertatio chirurgico-medica de sectione sigaultiana et caesarea (Lovanii: Typis Academicis, 1791). Historical-scientific study of a rare Latin treatise on Caesarean sections (MAG-P 13.148).
  4. Bromo en Labros. Editing and literary study of an unpublished Latin comedy dating from the eighteenth century (MAG-P 64.8).
  5. Studying Greek in Latin. Study of student annotations in Georgius Fabricius, De Syntaxi partium orationis apud Graecos. Item De verbis anomalis (s.l., 1546 = MAG-P 11.104).
  6. The (autograph?) manuscript La science des accouchemens & la Luciniade of the quack Jean-François Sacombe: poetry and (dubious) gynaecology (MAG-P 63.1).


  1. The ‘Belgica’: archive of the (Belgian) Royal Geographical Society and the files of the ‘Belgica’, the research vessel used by Adrien de Gerlache for a polar expedition to Antarctica, departing from Antwerp on 16 August 1897.
  2. The origins of the Special Collections old prints: database, network analysis and digitizing of bookplates (ex-libris), stamps, labels and other sources of origin.
  3. A bible as a family book: study of a seventeenth century Statenbijbel (States Bible) (1664) that remained in the custody of a family during generations (MAG-P 15.514).