Loans for exhibitions

Whenever possible, the library will lend items from the Special Collections for exhibitions of a scholarly or cultural nature.


  • The written request for a loan should be received at least two months before the start of the exhibition. If this delay is not respected, the request may be refused.
  • The request can be addressed to the head librarian (Trudi Noordermeer) or the curator (Tom Deneire.)
  • Permission will be granted by the head librarian in consultation with the curator
  • In case objects need restoration before loan/exhibition, the costs of the restoration will be recovered by the borrower.
  • The request should contain the following information:
  1. Name and address of the institution
  2. Title and exhibition dates
  3. A detailed description of the requested material (with object numbers, tg-loi,…)
  4. Contact name, telephone number and email address

Loan Agreement

Upon approval of your requesta loan agreement will be sent stating all the terms and conditions (period, transport, insurance, facility report, condition report…). This loan agreement is, by default, drawn up by the borrower.


Trudi Noordermeer
University of Antwerp Library
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