Themes on Internationalization

The primary goal of the IMPALA project is to build capacity in the field of internationalization at the South African partner universities. The focus of the project will be set on the following 4 strands of internationalization:

  1. Staff training on the Internationalization of Higher Education
  2. Policy development and Implementation
  3. Workshops on Academic Issues
  4. Mobility Toolkit

These four strands are further divided into 5 themes which form the focus of the activities that are going to be organized in the framework of the project. The IMPALA project will focus on 5 specific themes:

  • Strategies and site visits
  • Short term programmes (incl. summer schools)
  • Internationalization of the curriculum
  • Project writing and management
  • Mobility toolkit.

For 4 of these themes (all except the site visits), a streamlined approach will be followed as far as planning of activities is concerned: each theme will be the subject of a large training session (focusing on theory, different models, best practices) in the spring of 2017 and a workshop (more practical and hands-on) in the fall of 2017.