INSPIRE offers 15 Early Stage Researcher (ESR) positions across Europe

(There is currently 1 open position: ESR5)

INSPIRE is looking for talented and motivated candidates with the skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to help the network make significant research breakthroughs. ESRs may enrol in a PhD degree programmes (only OPTIONAL) and be employed in a network composed of 5 academic research beneficiaries, 5 industrial beneficiary and 12 partner organisations.


  • ESRs will be employed by the host organisation for 34-36 months.
  • ESRs are offered a competitive salary plus allowances. Moreover, funding is available for technical and personal skills training and participation in international research events.
  • ESRs will benefit from the designed training programme offered by the hosting organisations and the INSPIRE consortium.
  • All researchers will participate in international secondments to other organisations in the INSPIRE network and in outreach activities targeted at a wide audience.

Eligibility criteria

  • Applicants can be of any nationality.
  • Applicants must hold a MSc or equivalent in the field of (bio)medical sciences, pharmaceutical sciences or an equivalent.
  • Applicants must have an ability to understand and express themselves in both written and spoken English to a level that is sufficiently high for them to derive the full benefit from the network training.
  • Applicants must be eligible to enrol on a PhD programme. However, enrolment in a doctorate is NOT compulsory.
  • Applicants must have the necessary academic skills and background to make the success of the research project.
  • Previous related research experience will be a distinct advantage.
  • H2020 MSCA Mobility Rule: researchers must not have resided or carried out their main activity (work, studies, etc.) in the country of the host organisation for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately before the recruitment date. Compulsory national service, short stays such as holidays, and time spent as part of a procedure for obtaining refugee status are not taken into account.
  • H2020 MSCA eligibility criteria: Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) must, at the date of recruitment by the host organisation, be in the first four years (full-time equivalent research experience) of their research careers and have not been awarded a doctoral degree. Full-Time Equivalent Research Experience is measured from the date when the researcher obtained the degree entitling him/her to embark on a doctorate (either in the country in which the degree was obtained or in the country in which the researcher is recruited, even if a doctorate was never started or envisaged). Please note that enrolment in a PhD programme is NOT compulsory.

Selection process

The selection process consists of a series of teleconference/skype interviews that will be performed by the appointed supervisors according to predefined selection criteria. Note that –for some ESR positions– the selection will require further administrative steps in order to comply with the HR regulations of the recruiting institution.

Additional information: Information package for Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellows

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