Abimbola Adekanmbi - Nigeria

I am a lecturer at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, Department of Microbiology. My field of specialization is Environmental Microbiology, with expertise in water quality, antibiotic studies, Environmental Impact Assessment and bioremediation.

I follow the Advanced master of Technology for Integrated Water Management.

Through an online search engine I learned about VLIR-UOS scholarships to follow the Advanced Master Technology for Integrated Water Management as International Training Programme. The application process was straightforward with fast acknowledgement of receipt.

When I arrived at the beginning of the programme, we were taken around for guided tours which exposed us to the history of Antwerp and Belgium, which was very helpful and has added to our knowledge of the people of Belgium.

Teaching at the Universities of Antwerp en Ghent was not very different from what I am used to in my home country. I appreciated the use of an online learning platform to access course material and information. Lecturers are friendly and accessible for questioning. Internet services are available everywhere on campus.

The programme has improved my teaching skills, networking, and my knowledge base has been widened on a professional level. I will certainly recommend the International Training Programme to my colleagues.