Janet Nabwami - Uganda

I am a researcher and PhD student in the International Fertiliser Development Center, where I study fertilisers and effects on rice yields.

I follow the Advanced master of Technology for Integrated Water Management.

One of the strong points of the ITP training, is that excursions are part of many courses, which allows you to see the theory in practice. In my home country, practical courses are very different, because we do not have the required facilities or equipment. The excursions to various companies gave us valuable insights into technologies that can be adopted at home. The library facilities are a highlight, one can search journals electronically without any difficulty.

Courses are thought both at the University of Antwerp and at the University of Ghent. Belgium has good public transport and it is possible to commute between the campuses by train. Still this was somethimes challenging; travelling by train meant long study days.

I can certainly recommend the ITP programme, firstly because of the learning aspect, and secondly the exposure to and getting to know different cultures. This programme also gives a chance for Belgian professors to network with teaching staff in Africa.