1. The inherent strength of an entity – an individual, a household, a community or a larger structure – to better resist stress and shock
  2. The capacity of this entity to bounce back rapidly from the impact2

Fast changes prompt for adaptability. Unexpected crises impel immediate solutions.

Sudden shocks cause yearning for trust. Otherness challenges identity.

Resist? Cope? Design?

Did we manage to build the society and environment which we aim for? Is it even possible to conceive society and environment? Or does it happen?

What is design else than responding to what emerges?

We are always in the middle.3

The vulnerability of our contemporary societies, and natural and built environment has appeared in all evidence. How do we cope with the fast changing conditions of our time without collapsing, and, more importantly, how can we learn from the experience?4

In such conditions of fast change, uncertainty and sudden crisis, what does it mean to say that we “withstand”?

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