What we look for

We are looking for workshop tutors with proposals to actively engage, through design, with the theme of resilience, in a common adventure with an interdisciplinary group of about 15 master students. The workshop lasts one week. More information can be found further on in this call.

The call is open to any proposals, but following thoughts can be inspirational:


Complex systems theory and several practical examples suggest that, for adaptive systems, the ability to withstand the test of time in turbulent environments results from a particular system architecture and internal dynamics1


Goals: “Not to ask the involved teams to converge to a common view, but to cultivate the differences, raising the level of the conversation and, at the same time, deepening and enriching it. That is, to create a community of creative actors capable to blend individual initiatives with a common commitment. And, therefore, to help the university to become the cultural critical-constructive agent that, by definition, it should be and that now, more than ever, it must be.”2

1 http://culturesofresilience.org/base-text
2 http://culturesofresilience.org