Designing the meantime

IDW2022 will be the third edition in a row that focusses on what is seen as the most epic construction project of Antwerp in the XXI century: the capping of the ring road

IDW2020 looked upon the capping of ring road as the creation of a new urban common. It focused on the Northern part of the ring road, more particularly the connection between Luchtbal and Lambrechtshoeken, and aimed at giving voice to those groups and communities that are not reached by regular participatory approaches and at revealing qualities of places that were overlooked. It was an edition in which the whole area and connection between both neighborhoods were explored. 

IDW2021 continued this endeavor, in spite of rigid COVID restrictions. It focused on culture - culture as an emanation of what was and what is, but also as a space where future is made. Culture is performative. Cultural “performance" gives exposure to both "what lives among people" and "how the world could become". Next to local groups, communities and individuals, the edition specifically targeted youngsters of Luchtbal. 

IDW2022 expands the scope of targeted actors, and next to local groups, communities and individuals, now particularly reaches out to schools (children of 10 -14 year old). It explores the statement that infrastructural works are not primarily a matter of engineering, but of culture. Wicked problems, such as the capping of the road, call for holistic approaches. Arts and Architecture provide the way to bring Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics into the realm of society and culture. From STEM to STEA²M.

The workshops will focus on following design-action challenges:

  • How can huge infrastructural works and projects of urban transformation be understood from the social and cultural context in which they intrinsically take place, and to which they intrinsically belong? 
  • How can the long term of the construction works become a period of meaningful transition and empowerment, rather than a temporary nuisance and burden?
  • How can Arts and Design turn infrastructure and engineering into a cultural endeavor?



10:00 - kick-off workshop week

Monday - Friday

09:00-18:00 - workshops at Campus Mutsaard or the Luchtbal site.

Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday

12:30-13:30 - pecha kucha presentations by guest tutors


16:00-19:00 - exhibition