Collaboration connects. Across language and culture and gender. In this way we get to know each other, in a different way than we are used to. We can let unknown talents float to the surface and we come home more.

What we need is not so much our thinking mind but our gut feeling and heart full of eagerness to take it on.

We build with recycled wood because we believe that everything is already here. There is certainly always enough wood available, people rarely realize what treasures they still have at home. But this also applies to yourself: you are completely fine as you are, the neighborhood has all the know-how in house – we have everything as a group of people working together. Do we want to see this?

By participating you also commit to really step into the project and to give your all!
We also build on site so that we minimize the transport and everyone can watch.
We determine together what we build: a construction that the neighborhood still will enjoy once it’s there. That is why we also communicate with the neighborhood to find out what makes sense.

Hou’t Hart facilitates, provides the tools and makes sure it’s safe.