Our team

Dr. Inge Dox, Post-doctoral researcher at PLECO, within the LEAF-FALL project. Inge mainly focusses on the experiments concerning the young trees.

Bertold Mariën, PhD student at PLECO Centre of Excellence, within the LEAF-FALL project. Bertold mainly focusses on the follow up of mature trees.

Freke Van Damme, technical administrative employee and fieldworker.

Dr. Omar Flores,  Post-doctoral researcher at PLECO, within the LEAF-FALL project. Omar mainly focusses on forest modelling.

Dr. Lorène Marchand, Post-doctoral researcher at PLECO, within the LEAF-FALL project. Lorène mainly focusses on spring phenology of mature trees and xylogenesis research.

Prof. Dr. Matteo Campioli, Professor at PLECO Centre of Excellence and manager of the LEAF-FALL project.

The team is often reinforced by Flemish or international students doing an fulfilling their dissertation, individual project or internship within the LEAF-FALL project. If interested, do not hesitate to contact Prof. Campioli. We are also often looking for new jobstudents who like to work outdoors (Campus Drie eiken or in the forest) and are looking for a student job with scientific backround. If interested, please contact Freke Van Damme.