Third network meeting: 'The social dimension of learning'


December 9-10  2019


Ghent University, Belgium


One of the goals of the network is to aim for a better understanding of the role of social contexts on student learning. Until now the social aspects of learning strategies have been under-examined due to the fact that most studies have taken an individual learner perspective into account. In the domain of social-cognitive theory and self-regulation theories, various models of social regulation have been proposed such as co-regulated and socially shared regulated learning and are still under development. These theoretical frameworks are an important impetus to further explore the social dimension of learning strategies in diverse contexts and can result in defining a more fine-grained model to understand learning strategies in contexts of social interaction. 

In our next network meeting, we will focus on the social dimension of learning in diverse contexts. We aim for a highly interactive meeting with time for in-depth presentations and discussions of papers focussing on the social dimension of learning. We look forward to both empirical and conceptual contributions and welcome papers that study ‘social learning’ as well as papers that study how ‘the social context’ can explain individual and team learning.

This meeting is organized in collaboration with the PAS-project (International colloquium towards a new strand of research in educational psychology: cognition, motivation, emotion, personality and mental health).

Type of contributions

Our aim is to have in-depth discussions based on presentations of full papers. Therefore we will ask presenters to provide us with a full paper at about one month before the network meeting. The idea is that each paper will be read in advance and discussed at the meeting by two other participants.  

We hope that this network meeting will be attended again by about 30 participants and we made a reservation with this number of participants in our mind in hotel Monasterium in Ghent (for the nights of December 8th and 9th). As with the previous meetings, the scientific research network will cover travel expenses and cost for accommodation and registration (including lunches and dinners) for one person from each participating institution. Moreover, funding will be provided for the registration and accommodation for one additional participant from each institution, given the condition that this participant will provide an active contribution (presentation or discussant of other papers) during the meeting.