Service offer for companies

The Mesodrome is a unique opportunity for companies, gouvernemental angencies or other research institutes to test certain ecological hypotheses, try-out management strategies, test new products,... or just to put a wild idea into practice. Contact Freddy Dardenne for more information.

Below you can find examples of such try-outs.

VMM tests new trap

The Chinese Mitten Crab poses a serious threat to our rivers. They dig holes, destabilize dikes and river banks, and cut away water vegetation (see also here). Therefore, the Flemish Environmental Agency (VMM) has a management strategy to reduce the amount of crabs. But how do you catch them efficiently? In the Mesodrome they tested their new design of a crab trap.

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ROTOR makes art with crabs

This autumn the Mesodrome hosts twelve Chinese Mitten crabs, captured in Flanders, for the preparation of an art project by the Brussels collective Rotor. In the framework of Triennial Bruges and Beaufort 2018 Rotor designs two installations on various aspects of these crabs, one in Bruges and one in Zeebrugge.

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