A taste of Belgium - POSTPONED

- Due to Covid-19 this activity is postponed -

We will inform you as soon as possible about a new date (or refund you). In the meantime you can register for the new MONDO actitivies.

We hope to see you all again soon. Take care of yourself and each other!

The MONDO-team


Part 1: Belgium for beginners: how crazy is this country?

Did you know that even though only 11 million people live in Belgium, our country has a very complex political system with 6 governments? And did you know, that following the elections of May 2019 (8 months ago!), one of these governments still hasn’t been formed? However there is no reason to panic, seeing as the current record for being without an elected government stands at a whopping 589 days.  

Did you know, that in Belgium there are 3 climate ministers and that they are struggling to unite their visions concerning climate policy?

And that Brussels, Belgium’s capital, is also the European Union’s capital, but that the plenary meetings of the European Parliament take place in Strasbourg, causing a huge move of everyone involved from Brussels to Strasbourg (and back) each month?

Another fun fact: did you know that Belgium is a constitutional monarchy, which means that we have a king at the helm of our country, but should he refuses to sign a new law, he can be removed from power for a few days until the new law is in force, and can then simply be reinstated as king?

Did you know that the president of Europe is a Belgian?

Professor Petra Meier, political science expert and dean of the Social Sciences faculty, will guide you into the intriguing world of Belgian politics and help you better understand this small and complex country. It will surely be a fun and interesting evening!

Part 2: Belgian food and drinks

An hour of Belgian politics will surely make you hungry! The second part of this evening  focuses on Belgian food and drinks. Learn how you can make some typical Belgian dishes and enjoy the appetisers and a main course with fries. Be sure to leave some room for dessert!

Practical information

  • When: Wednesday, 25/03, at 18h00
  • Where: Stadscampus - C.102
  • Price: €5 (drinks are not included)

Your registration is only complete once you have paid the entrance fee. Please deposit €5 euro per person on the bank account number BE20 7310 4891 5556 with the reference 'Taste of Belgium - Name - Number of participants'.