NWS Data

With the NWS Data project, the University of Antwerp wants to investigate how people today, in times of social media, learn about what is going on in the world in general and about politics more specifically.

How do you inform yourself online and offline?

It used to be simple: people used to follow the news via newspaper, radio or television. But today, a whole world of online news and social media is opening up. We would like to know which information sources you use. Maybe you follow the daily news on the internet, but you prefer the television news during major events. Or maybe you trust the newspaper for local politics? We would like to map that specific news diet in Flanders.

But there's more. These days, more and more people keep abreast of current events via social media such as Facebook and Twitter. They follow news websites or political actors on social media and share their messages. We would also like to investigate this news consumption on social media in Flanders and see how it is related to political preferences.

If you have questions about this research, you can contact us via nwsdata@uantwerpen.be.