Why participate?

Bullying can have serious consequences for the temporary, but also the future life of teenagers. Cyberbullying victimization has been associated with reduced academic performances, self-mutilation or even suicidal ideation. Furthermore, victims of cyberbullying are often confronted with a lot of negative emotions, such as anxiety, depression and a lack of self-confidence. Aditionally, there seems to be a vicious mechanism at work, since being a victim of bullying correlates with being a perpetrator of bullying. Youth who have been bullied are therefore at greater risk to become a bully themselves in the future.

Academic research is necessary to prevent teenagers from this negative spiral. Analyzing the relationships between different interesting variables allows to determine which factors and causes are responsible for the involvement in cyberbullying behaviors. Results of this kind of resarch may be used to prompt the effectiveness of future intervention- and prevention strategies in order to optimize adolesents’ help and prevention.