Related projects

GRACE (Genomics to combat resistance against antibiotics in community-acquired LTRI in Europe)  

This project aims to integrate and coordinate the activities of physicians and scientists from many institutions in 14 European countries to combat antibiotic resistance in community-acquired lower respiratory tract infections.

TheraEdge (An Integrated Platform Enabling Theranostic Applications at the Point of Primary Care)  

TheraEDGE is an industry-driven effort to accelerate the adoption of theranostics applications in Primary Care by pushing Point of Care Test (POCT) technology far beyond its current state-of-the-art by delivering clinical, analytical and operational breakthroughs.

MOSAR (Mastering hOSpital Antimicrobial Resistance and its spread into the community.)  

It is a trans-disciplinary network devoted to combat and control antimicrobial resistance of bacteria responsible for major and emerging nosocomial infections, and now spreading into the community.

Intopsens (A highly integrated optical sensor for point of care label free identification of pathogenic bacteria strains and their antibiotic resistance).  

InTopSens aims to design fast photonic label-free smart biosensors with detection limits below 1 pg/mm2, and integrate multiple biosensors on a disposable label-free photonic biochip capable of identifying and determining antibiotic resistance of bacteria causing sepsis.

You can find more information on the InTopSens website.