Policy briefs : Aims and focus

The three policy briefs all share a core part conveying the main research findings of the cross country study, based on Publication 6 (WP5) and will highlight the empirical findings of WP3 (using Project Paper 4, Project Paper 5, Publication 3 & Publication 4) and WP4 (using Publication 5, Publication 6, Project Paper 7 & Project Paper 8).

Policy Brief 1 : New statistical evidence on ESL in 7 country studies

Aim: to describe the main findings from the 7 country studies at the school level to different stakeholders:

  • school directors of the participating schools as well as other school directors;
  • policy makers that are involved in developing policy measures on the school level;
  • NGO’s and project leaders implementing projects aimed at reducing early school leaving at a school level.

Focus on:

  • the quantitative and qualitative findings on the school level.
  • best practices found and evaluated on the school level
  • their relevance within the specific country settings
  • possible cross country implementations.

This policy brief will be translated into all the languages of the participating countries.

FINAL POLICY BRIEF N°1 (21/11/2017)

Policy Brief 2 - On national policies on ESL in 9 countries

Aim: to describe the different national policies and the effect of their implementation in schools to different stakeholders on the national and or regional level

Focus on:

  • the importance of national or regional institutional arrangements in schools (among which are school system characteristics)
  • explaining differences in early school leaving across the 9 countries.

Again the policy brief will be translated in the nine country languages. We aim to reach stakeholders

FINAL POLICY BRIEF N°2 (21/11/2017)

Policy Brief 3 - On tackling ESl at supra-national organisations

Aim: to describe the main findings for supra-national organizations like e.g. the EU (DG Education and Culture), OECD and UNESCO.

Focus on:

  • the priorities to combat early school leaving on a European scale
  • best practice examples at the school level
  • best practice national policies and institutional arrangements identified at the regional or national level.

FINAL POLICY BRIEF N°3 (30/11/2017)

RESL.eu Conference in Brussels

Aim: present policy brief 3 to different stakeholders:

  • collaborative event of the RESL.eu team with the EU Sirius network on education
  • EU policy makers and politicians and other supra national organisation

15-17 November 2017 PPT/16/11/2017