Planned Deliverables

Month / Year Work package Responsible Partners Publication Title
September 2017 WP5 UW Publication 6 - On the factors leading to ESL, related to opportunities for reducing ESL rates
October 2017 WP1 UA Publication 7 - On the finalization of theoretical framework on the process and tackling of ESL
December 2017 WP7 UA Publication 8 - On the findings of the Cost/ Benifit Assessment concerning policies to reduce ESL


Planned Policy briefs

Month / Year Responsible Policy Brief
September 2017 EUR Policy Brief 1 - On new statistical evidence on ESL in 7 country studies
September 2017 EUR Policy Brief 2 - On national policies on ESL in 9 countries
October 2017 EUR Policy Brief 3 - On tackling ESL at supra-national organizations