Concluding lecture at the Art, Technique and Production seminar: 16 June 2023

Postdoc Thibaut Rioult will present "« Le » musique, architectonique des systèmes justes: Un savoir unifié des rapports, entre art, science et philosophie, de Pythagore à Vitruve" ["Musiké, the architectonics of "just" systems: A unified knowledge of ratios, between art, science and philosophy, from Pythagoras to Vitruvius"] during the Art, Technique and Production 2022-23 seminar, directed by Pierre Caye (Centre Jean Pépin / Équipe THETA, Théories et Histoire de l’Esthétique, du Technique et des Arts) on 16 June 2023 at Ecole Normale Supérieure (45 rue d'Ulm, Paris) in the "Salle Dussane", 17h-19h.

DHBenelux Conference 2023: 31 May - 2 June 2023

Postdoc Eva Andersen presented her paper "Can we grasp and preserve the fleetingness of 19th-century fairs through digital humanities?" at the 10th DHBenelux conference on Digital Humanities from 31 May - 2 June 2023 at the KBR. She provided insight into why and how the SciFair database was set up, which problems arose, and the projected achievements and preliminary results.

S:PAM-lecture at the University of Ghent: 24 May 2023

Postdoc Evelien Jonckheere is invited to participate in the S:PAM-lectures at the University of Ghent (Vandenhove Paviljoen) on  24 May 2023. In her talk "Faces, Physiognomy and Caricature: on the use of stereo-‘types’ in fin-de-siècle Brussels", Evelien elaborates on her FWO-project.

International conference "Sciences et ésotérisme : représentations, interactions, usages" (FRÉSO23): 12-13 May 2023

Postdoc Thibaut Rioult presented "Les 'Objets chargés' entre sciences et savoirs occultes, aux limites de la connaissance et de l’expérience" at the international conference "Sciences et ésotérisme : représentations, interactions, usages" (FRÉSO23), organized by l’Association francophone pour l’étude universitaire des courants ésotériques (FRÉSO) at Maison des Sciences de l’Homme / Sorbonne (Paris) on 12-13 May 2023.

Visiting scholar Sarah J. Adams at UC Berkeley: 1 February - 12 April 2023

From February 1 until April 12, 2023, postdoc Sarah J. Adams was a visiting scholar at the Institute for European Studies (IES) at UC Berkeley. The IES is the intellectual home of experts in both the cultural history of the Low Countries and innovative postcolonial methods, and it has an intensive programme of panel debates and seminars in which Sarah was able to present her current research on the racialization of the harlequin figure in Dutch comic productions. She also participated in the Dutch Studies Program, which is chaired by her host Prof. Jeroen Dewulf, and gave a public lecture at the IES.

International conference "Magic: Enchantment and Disenchantment / La Magie : enchantement et désenchantement" at University of Oxford: 27-29 March 2023

In March, postdoc Thibaut Rioult and Prof. Kurt Vanhoutte presented "Enchanting Souvenir: Playing Cards as 'Objets Chargés'", during the International Conference "Magic: Enchantment and Disenchantment / La Magie : enchantement et désenchantement", organized by the Société des Dix-Neuviémistes at the University of Oxford (UK) from 27-29 March 2023.

Journée d’étude "Simone Weil et Michel Foucault" at Couvent de La Tourette: 4 March 2023

On 4 March 2023, postdoc Thibaut Rioult presented "Psychomachie : Penser l’âme, des dispositifs de pouvoirs aux spiritualités politiques chez Weil et Foucault" at the Study Day on "Simone Weil et Michel Foucault", organized by Robert Chenavier (associated professor and Dr. in philosophy), and Pascal David (UCLy), in the context of Rencontres de La Tourette, Couvent de La Tourette (Sainte Marie de La Tourette convent in Eveux).

LUCK fellowship for postdoc Eva Andersen: March 2023

Postdoc Eva Andersen was awarded a fellowship at the Lund Centre for the History of Knowledge (LUCK) in Sweden. She will be a visiting fellow for two weeks in March 2023. During her stay she will present her ongoing research and interact with the centre’s team of historians of knowledge.

Artist residency at La Villette for the Magic WIP Saison #6: 16-18 and 27-28 February 2023

For the Magic WIP Saison #6, postdoc Thibaut Rioult was invited by the theatre company Le Phalène to work with Antoine Leduc on the staging of "fantastic illusionism" (an art form using "objets chargés" and real antiquities on and off stage), during a 5-day artist residency at La Villette in Paris.

Lecture at University of Marburg: 16 January 2023

SciFair PI Nele Wynants was invited to give a lecture at the University of Marburg on 16 January 2023 entitled "Performing science and popular culture in modern Europe: the magic lantern and the fairground".

Großkundgebung des Deutschen Schaustellerbundes: 13-16 January 2023

Between 13 and 16 January, SciFair PI Nele Wynants was invited to participate in the ceremonial opening of the Großkundgebung des Deutschen Schaustellerbundes (Grand Assembly of the German Showmen's Association) in Kassel (Germany).

Wetenschap Centraal: 14 December 2022

SciFair PI Nele Wynants was invited to Wetenschap Centraal, the UAntwerp science cafe (in collaboration with Bibliotheek Permeke) on 14 December 2022.

"Journée d’étude Méliès et l’art magique": 9 December 2022

SciFair PI Nele Wynants was invited to speak at the international seminar "Journée d’étude Méliès et l’art magique" at the Cinémathèque française in Paris on 9 December.

"Spectacular Devices: Visual, Literary and Material Cultures of Wonder in the Long 19th Century" conference at UNIL: 1-2 December 2022

PhD Tim Overkempe presented his paper "Between the laboratory and the fairground. X-ray imagery as a spectacular new visual medium in the Belle Epoque" during the first panel "Spectacular Wonders" of the Spectacular Devices conference at the University of Lausanne on 1 December. Download the programme here:

FWO grant for PhD Hannah Welslau in October 2022

In October 2022, PhD Hannah Welslau received an FWO grant for her PhD research project "Staging the Supernatural. The Role of Theatre, Science and Media in the Rise and Fall of Spiritualist Performances in Belgium, 1830-1930". This PhD project will map and analyse the ways in which spiritualism, popular entertainment, science and religion were dynamically interconnected in Belgium between 1830 and 1930.

The History of Emotions in the Low Countries, a state of the art meeting / Dag van de Emotiegeschiedenis: 7 October 2022

PhD Hannah Welslau and Bart Moens (B-magic, ULB) were invited to present their posters during the Dag van de Emotiegeschiedenis's poster session on 7 October at the Radboud Institute for Culture & History in Nijmegen.

"Les spectacles de curiosités en Europe de la Révolution française à la fin du XIXe siècle": 29-30 September 2022

SciFair PI Nele Wynants participated in the international colloquium "Les spectacles de curiosités en Europe de la Révolution française à la fin du XIXe siècle" at Clermont-Ferrand on 29-30 September 2022.

International Society for Intellectual History Conference 2022: University of Venice, 12-15 September 2022

PhD Anse De Weerdt presented her paper "Charles Lemaire and His Travelling Colonial Pictures" at the ISIH Conference in Venice on 15 September 2022. The conference on the topic of Histories of Knowledge: Political, Historical and Cultural Epistemologies in Intellectual History was guest hosted by the ERC. Anse joined the panel on Travel, Expeditions and Knowledge to expand on Lemaire's lecture during the second world conference of the Esperanto community in Geneva (1906).

IFTR World Congress 2022: 20-24 June 2022

Postdocs Sarah Adams and Eva Andersen, and SciFair PI Nele Wynants presented a panel at the IFTR World Congress 2022, 20-24 June in Reykjavik, Iceland. The panel was entitled “Circulating Knowledge across North-Western Europe through Performance and Entertainment” and showcased three related research projects on itinerant popular theatre and fairground entertainment in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and their role in processes of knowledge circulation and transmission from European centre cities to peripheral provinces.

9th Gewina Conference: 17-18 June 2022

The SciFair team members presented posters of their individual projects at the 9th Gewina Conference Contested Expertise: Trust in Science and Technology, 17-18 June 2022 in Zeist.

S:PAM-lectures at the University of Ghent: 18 May 2022

SciFair PI Nele Wynants and postdoc Evelien Jonckheere were invited to participate in the S:PAM-lectures at the University of Ghent (Vandenhove Paviljoen) on 18 May 2022. In her talk entitled "Circus and Fairground History as Intangible Cultural Heritage: Challenges and Opportunities" Nele addressed a few challenges and opportunities of the SciFair project. Evelien introduced her new FWO-project "Physiognomic culture in popular performance: on the use of stereo-‘types’ in fin-de-siècle Brussels".

The B-magic Final Conference: 4-7 May 2022

The B-magic Final Conference "The Magic Lantern in Leisure, Entertainment and Popular Culture" took place on 5-7 May 2022 at the Photography museum (FOMU). The preconference event was held on on 4 May 2022 at the Royal Film Archive of Belgium - CINEMATEK, 9 Rue Baron Horta, 1000 Brussels. Postdoc Eva Andersen, and PhD's Tim OverkempeGitte SamoyHannah Welslau and Anse De Weerdt presented posters of their individual projects.

History of Knowledge seminar of the Lund Centre for the History of Knowledge: 20 April 2022

Postdoc Eva Andersen and SciFair PI Nele Wynants were invited to present the Science at the Fair-project at the History of Knowledge seminar of the Lund Centre for the History of Knowledge (LUCK) at Lund University.

New team members: February - May 2022

Since February 2022, Gitte Samoy and Hannah Welslau joined the team as PhD students, Tim Overkempe started as a PhD in May.

Research Day: 22 March 2022

SciFair PI Nele Wynants introduced the SciFair project at the yearly Research Day of UAntwerp’s Faculty of Arts on 22 March 2022.