Sustainable chemistry at UAntwerp

Sustainable chemistry at UAntwerp is focusing on the four main pillars of sustainable chemistry:

  • Renewable Chemicals
  • Sidestream Valorisation
  • Advanced Sustainable
  • Products Process Intensification 

However, we believe that sustainability cannot be achieved through smart chemistry alone, yet a thorough assessment of environmental and human risk is necessary for every step of the value chain. This is done by combining the knowhow and expertise of research groups from the departments of chemistry, pharmaceutical sciences, biology, and applied sciences.  

We deliver a sustainable chemistry concept driving chemical development and production towards smart use of existing and new feedstock while keeping a keen eye on reducing environmental impact and human risk throughout the process to the absolute minimum.

Value chain

Members of Consortia

All participating research groups are members of two consortia of the Industrial Research fund (IOF) at the University of Antwerp



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IOF manager SusChemA
Dr. Sergey Sergeyev
Campus Groenenborger
Groenenborgerlaan 171
2020 Antwerp
Tel. +32 3 265 33 86


IOF manager Enviromics
Dr. Freddy Dardenne
Campus Groenenborger
Groenenborgerlaan 171
2020 Antwerpen
Tel. +32 3 265 33 39