Career Fitness Profiler

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Career Fitness Profiler® is an online questionnaire developed by Thalento® & UAntwerp. The test was scientifically developed at the University of Antwerp, made user-friendly and translated into visually powerful reports in conjunction with Thalento®. The test will help you gain a deeper understanding of:


  • Career values - the internal career compass: what drives you in your career? What do these values say about the conditions needed to make a successful new career step?
  • Career attitudes - the driver of self-development: you can achieve personal career success by taking initiative and creating opportunities. In this way you move forward in line with your own ambitions.
  • Energy & Stress Balance- the career barometer. The career path is a marathon, not a sprint. To ensure that your career evolves positively, you need to check that you’re putting in your best efforts. Sufficient challenge stimulates engagement. Prolonged ‘overstretching’ or under-utilisation of individual capacities, in contrast, are a recipe for burnout.


  • UAntwerp students can complete this test for free.
  • The test and the report are in English.
  • You can use the login and password of your student account.
  • You can only take the test once

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