Transmedia Benelux

Research in Audiovisual Translation (AVT), a rapidly growing field within Translation Studies, is pre-eminently an interdisciplinary affair. Moreover, it is an applied discipline that has strong connections with the industry and benefits from up-to-date input supplied by AVT professionals. Indeed, interaction between AVT research and practice benefits both parties: AVT practice evolves rapidly and practitioners seldom have time to conduct research, while AVT research must stay up to speed on all recent developments. The numerous research projects in which various members of the TransMedia Benelux research group are involved provide examples of such fruitful interaction.

TransMedia Benelux is a "subgroup" of TransMedia, the international research group that organises the two-yearly Media for All conferences ( and publishes the Media for All book series.

TransMedia Benelux currently groups researchers, translators, respeakers, managers and policy makers from the Flemish and Dutch university and media landscape. The research group thereby strengthens existing collaborations and aims to develop more systematic cooperation through research projects within the Benelux countries and the EU.


Transmedia Benelux