The governing bodies of TransportNET are:

  • Scientific and Management Committee
  • Accreditation Committee
  • General Assembly

The Scientific and Management Committee is responsible for:

  • General co-ordination of the network;
  • Preparing and presenting the yearly plans and activity reports to the GA;
  • Proposing Quality Standards to the GA and controlling their respect in all TransportNET Programmes, Courses, and Publications;
  • Proposing priority Research Streams to the GA and stimulating common Research Activities along those Streams;
  • Preparing and presenting the yearly plans and Activity Reports to the GA;
  • Approving the proposals of all Education, Training and Research Projects to be executed within the framework of TransportNET;
  • Giving advice on the performance assessment method to evaluate TransportNET members;
  • External relations and representation including funding;
  • Network communications;
  • Economic and financial management of TransportNET activities.

The Accreditation Committee is responsible for:

  • Develop and propose performance Assessment Methods for Members and Evaluation Criteria for new;
  • Candidates according to international standards.
  • Undertaking yearly performance assessment of all members.
  • Evaluating applications from new members

The General Assembly is responsible for:

  • Approving yearly plans and activity reports presented by the SMC;
  • Approving Quality Standards developed by the SMC for each of the activities undertaken within the TransportNET framework;
  • Approving priority research streams for subsequent work by TransportNET;
  • Approving the performance assessment method to evaluate TransportNET members;
  • Deciding on the admission or exclusion of TransportNET members;
  • Deciding on any matters relevant for TransportNET not specifically allocated to the other governing bodies.

Each governing body is composed of three members, with a mandate of three years. These three members will select a director among them. 
All positions are filled on rotational basis. Every year one member of each governing body changes, enabling this way the automatic renewal of the complete body every three years. Thus in initial phases some individual mandates   will be shorter than three years to ensure the rotation.
The starting date for the mandate terms of the different governing bodies, and for the respective rotation of its members is the 3rd April 2004.
All governing bodies should have at least one ordinary meeting per year and whenever necessary additional meetings will be called.