Antwerp Inland Navigation School

Antwerp Inland Navigation School 2018 - From basic inland navigation knowledge to inland navigation insiders’ strategies

Sharing knowledge and experiences on the edge of business and academia

A week-long series of presentations, debates and practical workshops focused on key challenges for Europe's inland navigation industry.

Academic theory combined with operational and strategic decision making.

An innovative forum for inland waterway professionals and students to broaden their industry expertise including field visits and informal activities.

14 – 18 May 2018 - University of Antwerp

The Antwerp Inland Navigation School is hosted by TransportNET, the University of Antwerp's international network of transport research and training groups. It will take place at the University of Antwerp.

Combining academics and operation & business

The Antwerp Inland Navigation School programme covers a variety of topics. Themes vary from basic to in-depth inland navigation knowledge around market - process - vessels - infrastructure. Re-knowned speakers from European universities as well as international inland navigation businesses highlight topics, such as infrastructure, policy and regulations, financing, sustainability and innovative concepts and Future of Inland Navigation.


Universiteit Antwerpen - Faculteit BE is een erkend dienstverlener KMO-portefeuille. Registratienummer DV.O 100208.