Freight Transport & Logistics Course Lisbon


The Freight Transport & Logistics Course will be held at the Instituto Superior Técnico - Lissabon from 23rd to 28th November 2015.


  • To develop basic competences on current EU Freight Transport Policy;
  • To develop basic understanding about the freight transport market, logistics sector and supply chains;
  • To understand the demand for freight transport services;
  • To develop competences on transport economic (costs and pricing formation);
  • To develop competences in the production of intermodal freight rail services;
  • To develop competences in the monitoring and assessment of the performance (KPIs) of multimodal freight transport services;
  • To develop awareness about freight transport and logistics sectors around the World.


  • Managers working in transport operations & production department;
  • Managers working in transport sales & customer relations department;
  • Managers working in quality department;
  • Managers working in financial, procurement & tendering department;
  • Post-graduation and PhD Students in Transportation.

Academic Credits:

  • Only presentation of final project in the course (4.5 ECTS, recommended for professionals);
  • Presentation of final project + Review of two papers later (6 ECTS, recommended for students);

This course is a joint organisation of TransportNet and RailUniNet. RailUniNet is a recently forged network of universities with studies on railways. Also the course is supported by UIC under the Talent Programme.

Full course program and practical  information (Word - 296kB)