STT Summer Camp, Chios

                             UNIVERSITY OF THE AEGEAN

            Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport


                             Summer Course:

                              STT CAMP 2015

“Shipping, Transportation and Trade: Current Advances and
                          Market Perspectives”

                    July 19th –August 8th, 2015

               Oinousses island and Chios island



The Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport of the University of the Aegean, member of the European University network TRANSPORTNET, is hosting its new course (the 6th in the recent years) under the general title “Shipping, Transportation and Trade: Current Advances and Market Perspectives” (STT CAMP).

The aim of the course is to provide transport researchers, PhD students and young professionals with a thorough foundation on how the shipping and transport markets work and where new business perspectives derive from. The course offers advanced knowledge to comprehend the rapid changes in the shipping and transport market structure, identify their drivers and better understand strategies of world shipping and transportation leaders. A teaching staff of 30 Professors and Lecturers will run 24 theoretical and applied lectures and tutorials combining innovative interdisciplinary scientific methods with state-of-the-art case studies, participative business games and workshops.

The whole course program is divided into two (2) thematic Units:

  • Unit 1. “Shipping Market Cycles in the 21st century: Still in Crisis”. It will be held at Oinousses island from July 19th until July 24th, 2015.
  • Unit 2.Planning and Decision Tools in Shipping, Transportation and Ports”. It will be held at Chios island from July 27th until August 5th, 2015.

Finally, a number of Educational/Technical visits in Athens and Piraeus on the 6th and 7th of August 2015 will complete the whole program. The Educational and Technical visits relate to topics of Maritime Policy and Port Management. This specific part of the program is addressed to students and young researchers from Shanghai Maritime University, based on a specific agreement with the University of the Aegean.

Participants can apply either for the whole STT CAMP 2015 program or for one of the two thematic Units offered. The course offers participants an excellent opportunity to explore the key aspects of shipping business through interactions between academia and the business real world. Course participants will get an attendance certificate and a credit certificate upon successful completion of the evaluation. For doctoral programs, the whole course corresponds to 5 ECTS credits. For participants applying to one of the two thematic Units:

  • Successful completion of Unit 1 corresponds to 2 ECTS Credits
  • Successful completion of Unit 2 corresponds to 3 ECTS credits

STT CAMP 2015 is supported by the University of the Aegean’s project “The University of the Aegean, the prominent and driving factor for the economic and social growth of the wide Aegean area” of the Operational Programme “Education and Lifelong Learning”, which is co-funded by European Union (European Social Fund) and National Resources.

The course is open to participants on a first come-first served basis. The maximum number of attendants is limited. Registration is due by 2015, July, 5th.


Attendance fees:

  • For the whole STT CAMP 2015 program: 700 Euros
  • For Unit 1 attendance: 300 Euros
  • For Unit 2 attendance: 400 Euros


Full information, tariffs and registration possibilities are available through the “STT CAMP 2015” course page:


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