​​​​The course will be formed by a series of pre-recorded lectures (online from the afternoon of Monday 22th) and a series of live seminars aiming at critically discuss key elements that characterise the shipbuilding industry.

Both lectures and seminars will be accompanied by relevant reading materials (online a few days before the course, i.e. on Thursday 18th February).

All pre-recorded material and live sessions will be available on MS TEAMS. Participants will be invited to the platform upon registration. More information on the module (e.g. live session duration) will be delivered using the course MS TEAM.

The assessment will consist in a development of a report to be submitted a month after the end of the course (i.e. Wednesday 31st March 2021). Details on the assessment will be provided at the end of the last live session.

Topics covered in the pre-recorded modules

  • Shipbuilding evolution and market organisation – Prof. Alessio Tei
  • Impact of shipbuilding on different Shipping markets – Prof. Christa Sys
  • Inputs and outputs of the shipbuilding market: the industry regional impact – tbc
  • Ship Production – Prof. Jeroen Pruyn
  • Ship Demolition – Spyros Vougious
  • Regulation and pricing in the shipbuilding market – Prof. Alessio Tei
  • Elements of Ship finance – Prof. Alessio Tei
  • Innovation in shipyards – Prof. Alessio Tei

Live Sessions Calendar

Monday 22nd February
Introduction to the course – 5pm

Tuesday 23rd February
Impact of shipbuilding on different Shipping markets - 5pm

Wednesday 24th February
Financing Innovations: how ship evolution impacts on shipbuilding markets – 5pm

Thursday 25th February
Shipbuilding International issues: Pricing, Regulation and Competition – 5pm

More information on the module will be delivered using the course TEAM.

For any query, please contact prof. Alessio Tei (

Practical Information

22 – 25 February 2021 - Online

Course description

The course analyses the shipbuilding sector, detailing main economic issues of the ship production process and the impact that shipbuilding generates on different shipping sectors. Regulation and competitiveness of different shipyards will be also part of the course.


An intensive immersion into the shipbuilding related economic issues, mainly focusing on organizational problems and the competition among different segments.


The course will be entirely delivered via online lecturing using the online platform Microsoft TEAMS. The course is organized by the Italian Center of Excellence for Logistics Transport and Infrastructure (CIELI), University of Genova (Italy) as part of the Unige Doctoral Programme in Marine Science and Technology.


22 - 25 February 2021


PhD students and postgraduates with a strong interest in shipbuilding.


3 ECTS credits are awarded upon successful completion of the programme.

External partners

TransportNET, in particular Antwerp University and TUDelft

Registration fee

The registration is free since the course is supported by the University of Genova. Maximum number of participants is 25.

Registration Closed

Course is full