Joint Staff Training Event

The University of Antwerp and UCSIA participated in a virtual Joint Staff Training Event and an online Transnational Project Meeting from 30 November until 3 December 2020. Both the training event and the project meeting were originally planned to take place in Antwerp, but due to the COVID-19 reality, the Management Assembly opted for an online alternative.

The virtual Joint Staff Training Event was conceived as a workshop between peers and a knowledge-sharing event. Academics from the partner universities and members from the community partner organisations were introduced to the UNICORN model for mobility service learning. Concepts for reciprocal partnerships to enhance social responsibility and global citizenship were discussed and developed.​

After the virtual training event the members of the Management Assembly of the UNICORN project met in an online Transnational Project Meeting, focusing on the state of the art of the Intellectual Outputs and drawing a plan and time frame for the future activities.