Opening Friday 12 February at 15:00

Welcome to the XDW virtual exhibition!

Some information before you enter the exhibition rooms in Mozilla Hubs:

  • Choose an avatar and walk around. You can also talk to the other visitors!
  • In each room, 3 workshops present their results using posters.
  • You can travel from one room to another.
  • Take a selfie and pin it to the room.
  • In order to circulate smoothly, there should be no more than 25 visitors in one room at a time. If a room is too crowded, please move to another one.
  • You can also enter the room with a VR headset, which makes it extra intense!

Room A

#1 Creative Facilitation by Gert Dierckx

#2 Plastic Poetry by Lore Veelaert

#3 Build and destroy by Ola Mirecka

Room B

#4 Prototyping a Mobile App in Figma by Eline Wouters

#5 The Product Story by Kris Van Bosstraeten

#6 Product Design + digital testing by Pieter Vanderhenst (Voxdale)

Room C

#7 Who cares? A Crash Course for Impactful Narratives by Filip Fransen and Frédéric Snauwaert

#8 Material Tinkering by Adriaan Debruyne

#9 Human Augmentation with a Critical Twist by Anne Britt Torkildsby, Muriel De Boeck and Kristof Vaes

Room D

#10 The stage is yours by Stefan Vandervelden and Michiel Van Cauwelaert

#11 Digitalize physical objects to redesign products by Yvette Plaisier, Jeroen Raeijmaekers and Gerd Van Cauteren

#12 Remote Design Thinking & Doing by Lansen Walraet, Lode Rummens and Thomas Waegemans (Accenture Interactive)