Blue_App, open innovation hub for sustainable chemistry

It is the mission of Blue_App to become a centre of excellence and pre-incubator for disruptive sustainable chemistry.

Leveraging the unique expertise at the University of Antwerp on sustainable chemistry and catalyzing the dynamics of the flourishing Antwerp ecosystem, Blue_App aims to bridge this gap by providing a dedicated location where the different stakeholders (academia, small and large companies, spearhead clusters and strategic research centers) in the field of sustainable chemistry come together in a risk-reduced environment where entrepreneurial ideas can be tested for market viability. At the same time, researchers are provoked to leave their comfort zone and team-up in a co-creation process on sustainable chemistry.

Blue_App is the missing link in the Flemish valorization chain for sustainable chemistry, where scientific and technological knowledge will be combined with pilot scale installations and training and development. It will offer a range of technologies that fit within the key enabling technologies as defined by the Advanced materials pillar of SusChem (European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry): sustainable materials, photo-, electro-, plasmacatalysis, organic synthesis, air purification, innovative water treatment / nutrient recovery, waste and side stream valorization, materials for health and wellbeing… etc.




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