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Practical information

On Thursday 22 March 2018 the Antwerp Doctoral School organizes the second Doctoral Day of the academic year. During this introduction day for new doctoral students, we offer info sessions on the doctoral study program, some practical steps in your PhD trajectory, project management and HR-related matters.

We will start the day with an info session about the doctoral study program and the administrative side of your PhD trajectory at the University of Antwerp (what does the doctoral study program entail, which courses do we offer, what are the most important administrative processes?).

The second morning session “Managing your own PhD according to scientific values” by dr. Emmannuelle Ebel-Jost (France) will address the balance sought between project management and self-coaching, and the risks and commitments inherent to the scientific process.

The morning will be concluded with presentations of PhD associations.

All morning sessions will be in English!

During the networking lunch you will have the opportunity to get to know your fellow PhD students and share experiences. More experienced PhD candidates will be present to answer further questions you might have.

In the afternoon, the HR Department of our university will give you information about your personnel statute (only for PhD students with a personnel appointment (‘personeelsaanstelling’) at the University of Antwerp). You will a.o. get the answer to questions like: am I an employee or a student? What about holidays, leave of absence, family allowance, social security etc. You can of course ask your own questions.

We would like to inform you that each doctoral student is expected to attend one Doctoral Day during the first year of the PhD trajectory.

Practical info

Practical info

Thursday 22 March 2018

Campus Middelheim
Middelheimlaan 1
2020 Antwerp
Building G, auditorium G.010

Location in the afternoon: Campus Middelheim, Middelheimlaan 1, 2020 Antwerp, building G, room G.004 and G.006


8.30 a.m.: registration

9.00 a.m.: welcome by the Chair of the Antwerp Doctoral School, Prof. dr. Erik Matthysen

9.30 a.m.: practical info about the doctoral study program at the University of Antwerp and administrative scenario for PhD students

10.15 a.m.: Linguapolis & StatUA

10.30 a.m.: coffee break

11.00 a.m.: "Managing your own PhD according to Scientific Values", dr. Emmannuelle Ebel-Jost (Adoc Mètis, France)

12.10 pm: Presentations of PhD Associations

12.30 p.m.: lunch

1.30 p.m.: The PhD statute, HR Department

+/- 3.30 p.m.: end


Registration is free but obligatory before 11 March 2018. Exclusively via the following web form.