Representation of PhD students in the policy-making and governing bodies of the University of Antwerp

Representatives of PhD students

Our PhD students are represented in the academic policy-making and governing bodies by members who have been appointed through VABAP (Vereniging voor het Assisterend en Bijzonder Academisch Personeel, the association for Assistant (AAP) and Non-statutory Academic Personnel (BAP)). If you have an idea about how to improve support for your fellow PhD students at the University of Antwerp or have questions about the university's policy for PhD students, then they are your first point of contact. These representatives are members of the faculty doctoral commissions and the ADS Board. Some of them are also representatives of a scientific discipline within the ADS Bureau, which prepares the board meetings.

VABAP (the Association for Assistant and Non-statutory Academic Personnel)

Below you can find the link to the website of VABAP, the association for Assistant and Non-statutory Academic Personnel.

WDW (working group for Science PhD students)

The working group for Science PhD students, or WDW (Werkgroep Doctorandi Wetenschappen), promotes contact between PhD students in Science, Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences and their representatives at the university's various levels. The aim of this working group is to improve communication and defend PhD students' interests. In recent years, WDW has influenced changes in the doctoral programme and various decisions made by the academic authorities which benefit PhD students.

WDW consists of representatives from the faculties of Science and Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences who are elected every two years. Recently the association faculties of Design Sciences and Nautical Sciences were also given representation. The representatives are invited to the board meetings to ensure an effective flow of information.

WDW representatives are always available to discuss problems and suggestions from PhD students with regard to PhDs and the doctoral study programme.