Adding Bachelor and Master courses to your doctoral study programme

Did you know that it's possible to add Bachelor and Master courses to your doctoral study programme?

The only condition, of course, is that you have not received credits for these courses before. Moreover, it is not possible to take Bachelor and Master courses in the field you did your own Bachelor/Master in. You will need to get the agreement of your supervisor before enrolling in a Bachelor or Master course.

You can enrol by contacting the lecturer or secretariat responsible for the administration of the course concerned. You should specifically mention that you would like to add the course to your doctoral study programme. Enrolment is free of charge and it is not necessary to use a credit contract.

At the end of the course, you should receive a participation certificate from the lecturer concerned (or the secretariat) which can then be added to your doctoral study programme file.

Need Blackboard? If access to Blackboard is required, the teacher can add you to the corresponding course in BlackBoard.