Educational credit

PhD students who have enrolled at the University of Antwerp and who are following the complete doctoral study programme are entitled to receive educational credits worth 1500 euros in all during their PhD. The educational credit is available till the end of the academic year in which you are doing your defence. 

Note that annual maximum amounts apply (the amount is increased every academic year of your PhD). The annual maximum amount should always be deducted with the total amount of educational credit that you have already used. 

  • academic year of enrolment (AY0): max. €500
  • AY0+1: max. €1000
  • AY0+2 and following years: max. €1500

For example:

Imagine you first enrolled as a PhD student in 2015-2016. In that academic year (AY0) you use €275 of your educational credit.

This means that in 2016-2017 (AY0+1) you have a maximum of €725 of educational credit at your disposal. The annual maximum amount of AY0+1 (€1000) is deducted with the 275 € of educational credit that you have already used. 


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