Progress report doctoral study programme

Every year PhD students need to fill in two separate reports about their progress in:

1. the doctoral research;

2. the doctoral study programme.

For the doctoral study programme activities need to be reported. PhD students determine their own list of activities based on the competence profile. They can choose from a variety of courses, but can also submit activities linked to the doctoral research.

If the PhD student has earned a total of at least 30 points (with at least 1 point in minimum 4 competence categories and with at a maximum half of his/her points in 1 competence category of the competence profile), he/she can close down the doctoral study programme. The PhD student needs to provide a proof for every activity.

The doctoral study programme needs to be closed down before the jury of the thesis defence is composed. If the doctoral study programme has not been completed, the PhD diploma cannot be issued.

These documents can help you to fill in the annual progress report.


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