Annual evaluation

Each academic year, PhD students of the University of Antwerp have to provide two separate progress reports, one about their doctoral research (1) and one about doctoral study programme (2)

1. The progress of your doctoral research is managed by your faculty and will be evaluated by your individual PhD commission. 

2. The progress of your doctoral study programme is managed by the Antwerp Doctoral School* and will be evaluated by a peer review commission composed of members from your faculty.


Both progress reports have to be submitted via SisA:

  • Log on to SisA with your student account;
  • Click on the tab 'Doctorate' and then on either 'doctoral training progress' or 'research progress';
  • Fill in the necessary information. More information can be found in our FAQs.
  • Save your activities. Only push the 'submit'-button if you do not wish to enter any additional activities anymore for the current academic year. If you submitted your report too early by accident, you can send an email to
  • You are obliged to submit a progress report for your doctoral study programme every year! You do not (yet) have any activities? Check the box 'I do not wish to submit activities this year' and click the 'submit'-button.

The following documents are crucial to help you fill in the progress report of the doctoral study programme:

General documentation to help you:

Each academic year, from 1 October onwards, you can add your activities to the report one by one. This means you can gradually build your progress report throughout the year and can submit at any time (keep the deadline of May 1st - 23:59 in mind). You can of course also submit before that deadline if your report is finished and you do not wish to add further activities for the current academic year. In any case, you will receive a reminder for the submission via your student email account.

The peer review commission of your faculty will evaluate the report in May/June. Later you will be informed about the result.

*The faculties of Applied Economics, of Law, and the Institute of Development Policy and Management (IOB) are exceptions to this; this type of progress report is also managed by the respective faculties.


For most faculties the deadline for both reports is May 1st. Keep an eye on the email reminders to verify this deadline.

After the evaluation by the individual PhD commission you will be notified about the result.

Please note: emails are sent to your student account. If you do not frequently look at this mailbox, you can create a rule in your account to forward mails automatically to another account. 


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