Annual evaluation

Each academic year, PhD students of the University of Antwerp have to provide a progress report on their doctoral research (1) and doctoral study programme (2)

Both progress reports have to be submitted via SisA:

  • Log on to SisA with your student account;
  • Click on the tab 'Doctorate' and then on either 'doctoral training progress' or 'research progress' and fill in the necessary information.

1. The progress  of your doctoral research is managed your faculty and will be evaluated by your individual PhD commission. 

2. The progress  of your doctoral study programme is managed by the Antwerp Doctoral School* and will be evaluated by a peer review commission composed of members from your faculty.

*The faculties of Applied Economics ,and of Law, and the Institute of Development Policy and Management (IOB) are exceptions to this; this type of progress report is also managed by the respective faculties.

The deadline for the submission of both reports can be found in the rules and regulations of your faculty. For most faculties the deadline for both reports is May 1st. Exceptions are:

  • the faculty of Applied Engineering (doctoral research: April 1st - doctoral study programme: May 1st)
  • the faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (doctoral research: February 20th - doctoral study programme: May 1st)
  • the faculty of Law (doctoral study programme: September 15th)

With regard to the doctoral study programme:

  • Each academic year, from 1 October onwards, you can start building this progress report. After you have filled in new activities, you can save your progress and come back to it at a later time. Please only click "Submit" when your report is finished, and you do not wish to add any more activities for the current academic year. 
  • You can submit the report before the deadline if you wish. In any case, you will receive a reminder for the submission via your student email account.

For more information on valid activities, please check:

If you have any technical questions concerning SisA, please consult the SisA manual.

After the peer review commission has evaluated your file, you will be informed about the result.

Please note: emails are sent to your student account. If you do not frequently look at this mailbox, you can forward the mails of the Antwerp Doctoral School to another mailbox. 


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