Competence profile

The competence profile consists of seven different competence categories:

A. research skills and techniques
B. adaptation to the research environment
C. research management
D. personal efficiency
E. communication skills
F. networking and teamwork
G. career management

These competences will not only help PhD students to complete their research projects successfully, but also prepare them for their post-doctoral careers, both in and outside of the academic world.

The idea is for the PhD students to go through this competence profile at the start of the PhD process and — in close cooperation with their supervisors — analyse their strengths and weaknesses to determine which competences they would like to enhance. To illustrate, we have included a list of practical examples of courses and activities that could contribute to the development of particular competences.

In the rules and regulations of their faculty PhD students can see which activity belongs to which category.

This competence profile is based on the Joint Skills Statement, developed by Vitae (United Kingdom) and adapted for PhD students at the University of Antwerp.




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