Completing your doctoral study programme (final evaluation and approval of your file)

PhD students of the faculties of Law, and of Applied Economics, and of the Institute of Development Policy and Management (IOB) need to contact the administrative contact person of their faculty regarding the procedure.

If you have obtained enough points to close down your doctoral study programme (i.e. obtained a total of 30 points with at least 1 point in 4 categories and with at a maximum half of your points in 1 competence category) and you wish to finalize it, please send a complete file to The file contains:

1. an overview of all the activities you have undertaken during your PhD:

  • The overview needs to contain activities for at least 30 points;
  • 1 full point needs to be obtained in at least 4 categories of the competence profile;
  • At a maximum half of the total amount of points were earned in 1 competence category;
  • The file conforms to special regulations if applicable (please check the rules and regulations of your faculty, like e.g. mandatory courses, maximum amount of points per category, etc.).

2. a proof per activity (submitted electronically via email, Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc.).

The activities overview clearly needs to indicate which proof corresponds to which activity for your file to be reviewed. If a file does not meet the conditions, you will be asked to modify it.
After your file is approved, you will receive an overview of the accepted proofs. The activities for which the proofs were accepted can be listed on the specific certificate supplement.
Your faculty can check whether your doctoral study programme has been finalized yet because it is indicated in SisA.

! Please note

  • If you wish to obtain activity lists of previous academic years, please email and mention the specific academic years.
  • The processing of your files can take up to 3 weeks! Please keep that in mind when you submit your file.
  • The doctoral study programme needs to be finalized before the jury of the thesis defence is appointed.
  • If your doctoral study programme is finalized after 1 July 2016, you can only incorporate activities approved by the peer review commission in you specific certificate supplement. This is only applicable if you choose a specific supplement, you are also free to choose a general supplement.
  • After your doctoral study programme is closed, you don't have to submit the yearly progress report anymore concerning the doctoral study programme. However, you still need to report on your doctoral research!
  • You can still participate in courses and still use the educational credit and bonus until the end of the academic year of your thesis defence. It is merely an administrative procedure. 


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