Keep a proof of your activities

The doctoral study programme can only be finalized when the requirements are met (see 'completing doctoral study programme') and a completed file, including all proofs, is submitted. It is the responsibility of the PhD student to keep the file of the doctoral study programme up-to-date. The proofs must be provided electronically (via ZIP file, Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc.). 

Examples of valid proofs (pdf files/scans of):

  • lists of participants;
  • programs and schedules;
  • received certificates;
  • attestations;
  • first pages of published articles;
  • a letter confirming the acceptance of not yet published articles;
  • an academic bibliography/referencelists;
  • registration/application forms;
  • mails regarding the acceptance of e.g. a registration;
  • signature from titular of classes you have taught;
  • for research stays: a train or airplane ticket, booking of hotel room, ...;
  • etc.

General invitations are not valid proofs.

If the PhD student cannot prove his/her participation in a certain activity, the supervisor's signature will suffice.


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