The certificate supplement

The following procedure is not valid for PhD students of the faculties of Law, and Business and Economics. PhD students need to contact the administrative contact person of their faculty regarding the procedure.

The doctoral study programme is ratified by a certificate accompanied by a supplement. This supplement will be either general or specific:

  • General supplement:
    The general supplement will not mention approved activities but a general description of the obtained competences. In case you completed your doctoral study programme with a  30-point table, a general description of the activities will be provided.
  • Specific supplement:
    this supplement allows PhD students to draw up a profile based on a selection of the activities they engaged in as part of the doctoral study programme. Only activities which were approved by the peer review commission and have a valid proof can be included in this supplement. In case you have already completed your doctoral study programme before 01/07/2016: if motivated and accompanied by a valid proof, it is possible to add extra activities in accordance with the faculty regulations.

Please note: if you have less than 30 points in SisA, you will automatically receive a general supplement. This was indicated on the overviewsheet of your activities that was sent to you as proof of the comletion of your doctoral study programme.

The defence of your thesis is announced using the form "Information regarding the defence of the PhD thesis". On this form you are asked to choose between a general or a specific supplement. If you choose a specific supplement, please do not forget to also submit a list of activities to

Besides the certificate and certificate supplement for the doctoral programme you will also receive your PhD diploma after successfully defending your doctoral thesis. As soon as the signed copy is available, Tine Leonard from the Diploma Service will contact you. You can also contact her with any questions about the current status of your diploma.

The certificate (and certificate supplement) for the doctoral programme is always obtained in combination with a PhD diploma.

Guidelines for the layout of the list of activities provided in the specific supplement

1. PhD students whose doctoral study programme files have been closed down need to provide the coordinator with a list or summary of the activities undertaken as part of the doctoral study programme as soon as possible.

2. Only the activities mentioned in the approved file can be listed:

  • activities were approved by the peer review commission
  • when closing down the doctoral study programme a valid proof was delivered

    Since 01/07/2016 all activities that are allowed to be incorporated in the certificate supplement are marked in yellow or green on your overview of activities. Blue or unmarked activities are not allowed to be mentioned on the supplement.

3. In case you have already completed your doctoral study programme before 01/07/2016: if motivated, it is possible to add extra activities in accordance with the faculty regulations. This is only possible in case the necessary proofs are submitted. 

4. The list of activities must be submitted by email in a Word-file. The coordinator can decide to change the layout of the text depending on the certificate supplement's layout.

5. The PhD student decides how detailed the description of the activities are, always taking into account the following requirements regarding the lay-out:

  • Font: Tahoma
  • Font size: 9
  • Headers: bold, not underlined
  • Subdivision: "Courses" and "Other activities"
  • Length:
    • Competence table: maximum 49 lines (titles inclusive!)
    • if you closed down with a 30-point table: The character limit for the text is 1400 characters (including titles and spaces)!


The layout of both examples meet the guidelines of the competence profile as well as the 30-point table. 

Example 1

Example 2


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