Joint PhDs

A joint PhD is a PhD that is prepared at two universities (in Belgium or abroad). The minimum requirement is that the PhD student conducts at least six months of research at the partner institution. The thesis is defended at only one of the two universities, but the PhD student receives a doctoral diploma from both institutions.

In the case of a joint PhD, the two institutions issue one diploma (or two diplomas that refer to each other) in which one title is conferred (the same in both institutions).

A double PhD means that a double diploma is issued and two titles are conferred (this happens when the institutions do not use the same title). This can be done either with one diploma or with two separate diplomas that refer to each other.

Those wishing to apply to do a joint or double PhD must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • The doctoral thesis must be prepared in both partner institutions under joint supervision.
  • The PhD student must conduct at least six months of research at the partner institution.
  • The jury must include at least one member of the tenured academic staff from each of the partner institutions.
  • An agreement must be drawn up between both partner institutions for each joint or double PhD.
  • If the application for a joint/double PhD is approved, incoming PhD students must ensure that the administrative procedures in both partner institutions are completed properly (including, for example, enrolment as a PhD student).

Applications must be made by the doctoral students themselves !!

PhD students who want to obtain a joint PhD should request this in writing to both universities involved at least one year before the submission of his or her draft thesis. If the application is approved, the PhD student should comply with the regulations of both universities regarding the registration and admission for the public defence of the thesis. (Article 41 "Rules and regulations for all PhD students").


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